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445nm-450nm Blue Laser Modules
Product name : 445nm-450nm Blue Laser Modules
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Specifications of 445nm Blue Laser Module



Model: DP445D80-DP445D5W
Wavelength: 445nm (445nm
Output power: 80mW , 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W

Beam Shape: dot

Diamension of housing: Φ23*150  Φ23*119                                                         


Switch mode: rear self-locking switch

Operating voltage: DC 3.7v ~7.4V

Operating temperature: 10℃~+35

Storge temperature: -10℃~+50

Housing surface treatment: Flashlighting type / hard aluminum

Beam distance500m-10000m  bigger powerfarther beam distance


We also can make other laser modules, wavelength:405nm,445nm,450nm,635nm,648nm,650nm,658nm,660nm,670nm,532nm,780nm,808nm,810nm,830nm,850nm,940nm,980nm,1064nm

We also can make high power laser module ,from 500mw to 10W . We can custom-made according to your requirements .

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