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Red Line Laser Modules
Product name : Red Line Laser Modules
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Specifications of Red Line Laser Module 




High-quality laser diode, optical glass lens, driver circuit and housing

High reliability, high stability, long life, low price



Industrial marking devices, laser medical equipment, stage lighting and laser targeting devices

and so on..



Model No.: DM650L1-DM650L250
Output power
1mW ~ 250mW

Laser classI – IV


Power: 1mw,5mW,10mW,20mW,50Mw,100mW,150mW,200mW,250mW

Beam Shape: Dot / line/ cross

Operating Current: <22mA1A

Operating Voltage:DC3V~24V

Beam Divergence0.1mrad ~ 2mrad

Fan Angle: 10°,30°,45°,60°,90°,110°,135°(bigger angle, longer line)

Operating temperature-1070

Storage temperature-2080

Dimensions of the module housing:

Φ3.8*10mm, Φ6.5*11mm, Φ9*22mm, Φ12*33mm, Φ12*45mm, Φ14*45mm, Φ16*65mm or customized size

Focus: fixed / adjustable

material of module housing : cooper / aluminum

Span of Life: 8000-10000hours

Spot diamension: 0.5mm (thinnest)


We also can make other laser modules, wavelength:405nm,445nm,450nm,635nm,648nm,650nm,658nm,660nm,670nm,532nm,780nm,808nm,810nm,830nm,850nm,940nm,980nm,1064nm

We also can make high power laser module, from 500mw to 10W . We can custom-made according to your requirements.



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